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Message from Martine

Dear suscribers,

It is with mixed feelings that I inform you of my withdrawal of the Tsumego Go problems mailing list.

For more than 5 years, I was delighted both to send you all these Go life-and-death problems set up by Fan Hui, and to receive all these nice messages - I am leaving this list with a little sadness.

But it is also for me the promise of more time that I will dedicate to other activities, and also the big pride to have succeeded in doing this project - Tsumego is right now one of the most important Go-related mailing list in the non Asian world (4288 subscribers this day).

I would also like to thank Laurent Reignier who helped me to start the list, and also Didier Kropp who took care during more than 3 years of the advertising and promotion of the list, including this web site.

But the list does not stop !

In agreement with the Fédération Française de Go and Fan Hui, within a couple of weeks the list will be back - some people stop doing something, other people take over, that's life.

Goodbye, and maybe see you soon !